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Strategies on reducing costs
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Imagine your company works on autopilot whether you are around or not. Your people solve difficult problems in a structured way, together, having constructive discussions, analyzing the facts and making decision for the good of the business.

This is not a fantasy… Peter Herku in his book, Profitable Empowerment, takes you step-by-step through the process to achieve this. This practical, easy-to-read guide to continuous business improvement shows you:

  • What are the 8 critical steps keeping you and your company focused
  • What is Lean and Six Sigma and why should you care about them anyway
  • What are the easiest, most effective, 20% of the Lean Six Sigma tools that will deliver you 80% of the results you desire
  • How to increase your manpower capacity by 20% without hiring more
  • How to reduce wastes in your processes by 40% on average without investing
  • How to improve product or service quality by 50% at the minimum
  1. Why should you go into debt to by this product?

The price of this book is not to be compared to what you get. This little investment will provide you with quick overview of a structured approach and the practical methods that can give you hundreds of thousands, even millions of cost reduction. In a few hours this knowledge is yours. Is that not a good investment?

Why should you choose this product instead of another one?

This book is focusing on the practical application of business improvement techniques, without going deep into statistics and theory. This book will save you time and gives you hands-on advise better than other books.

Why should you buy it now instead of waiting?

Look, your problem is not going away: you still need to increase your profitability, quality level and efficiencies. Waiting will not help. If you buy this book now, in a few hours you can start applying the strategies and tools with your team. You’ll wonder why you have not done this earlier.

Why should you pay more instead of paying less for a similar product?

Other books or trainings will cost you more time and much more money. And still you will wonder where to start. I save you that feeling of uncertainty by showing you what works and how you can apply it too.

Why should you buy it from me instead of some else?

I am an expert in the practical application of Lean Six Sigma. So you get my knowledge directly if you by my book. In case you have any questions, just call me or text me at +31 6 55 30 10 94. You can also email me at


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