Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

497.00 / month for 12 months

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate | Training & Coaching Program

  • One-on-one coaching to help you successfully conduct your 1st project
  • One-on-one coaching-the-coach as you will lead a Green Belt on his 1st project
  • 12 months access for 2 users to an unique, online project management tool
  • 12 months access to a customer feedback and analysis tool
  • 32 weekly personal coaching calls
  • Online training with:
  • 25 video segments over 10 modules
  • Online tests for after each module
  • Special insights on each module
  • 24/7 online access. Approx. study requirement: 40+ hours.
  • 5 project phases to save $100K+ for your company
  • Most effective problem-solving tools in practice
  • 1 Additional access to the Green Belt training for your coachee



Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate enables you to solve almost any business improvement challenges in any industries in both primary and secondary processes.  Like no one else in your company, you will be able to identify opportunities for cost savings, capacity increases, quality improvements. Besides, you are able to prioritize those opportunities bringing them in line with the company long-term strategy.

While you are improving your analytical and problem-solving skills, guided by our expert coach, you will achieve hard, measurable results with your own Black Belt project. This will normally add $100K to $250K financial benefit to your company, depending on its size.

Next to your technical knowledge on Lean Six Sigma, you also develop your leadership skills such as improved communication skills, selling skills, team leadership, effective handling of resistance and analytical skills.

Because you not only learn to use the Lean Six Sigma techniques in your own project, you as a Black Belt also learn how to teach, coach and motivate others to apply Lean Six Sigma in their work.

CEO, COO and Managing Directors are looking for someone who can solve problems while motivating others. And they are willing to pay handsomely for this service. That could be you…

What you will get:

  • How to identify, select and run projects with $100K-$250K yearly financial benefit
  • How to chose and set-up the best project teams
  • How apply the most effective problem-solving tools and teach them to others
  • How to guide company-wide application of Lean Six Sigma
  • How to develop your leadership skills
  • How to keep focus on strategic goals and support CXO level

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest into this product?

Applying Lean Six Sigma in your work is the best way to learn today’s most effective business improvement methodology all the big companies are using. Your investments guarantees a professional guidance through all the challenges with measurable results ranging between $100k to $250k and more per project based on the annual financial impact. Besides hard project results, you will acquire soft results like personal skills. Combination of those two area’s are essential in your career path.

Why should I choose this product instead of another one?

If you want to learn both technical and leadership aspects of Lean Six Sigma on the highest level with expert, one-on-one coaching, Black Belt Certification program is your best choice of investment.

Compared to MBA, this will give you 10X more practicality for fraction of the price you pay for a MBA program.

Why should I buy it now instead of waiting?

Getting 2 unique software support available without any extra charge plus 1 additional Green Belt access to the online Lean Six Sigma training so that your coachee can progress in his study, saving you tons of time, is only available for a limited time period. You should act now.

Why should I pay more instead of paying less for a similar product?

This program is the result of my years of experience helping hundreds of people improving their problem-solving and collaboration skills. It consists of the essential 20% of the methodology solving 80% of the problems in business. The focus here is result by immediate application. That is why your Black Belt program is different than other programs in the market. It is compact and cutting-edge so you do not waste any time with lengthy theory but focus on the practical application. You get one-on-one coaching supported with a 2 unique web applications. This is why you pay a premium.

“Why should I buy it from Herku® instead of some else?”

Herku® is an expert in a practical application of Lean Six Sigma process improvements. He is helping companies and professionals from all over the world, from Manufacturing, Technical Services, Maintenance, IT, Healthcare industries. Herku® knows what works and what does not. You can get your Black Belt certificate from other providers but you won’t get Herku® in the deal and his guarantee to make your efforts successful.


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